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FAQs (08-03-2014)





1. How long have you had experience’year in toilet partition business? How long have your products appeared on Viet Nam’ market? How about origin of your products?


We have 2 experience’ years in supply Compact HPL boards, product of Formica America, Compact Formica has appeared on Viet Nam’ market since 1975 at HCM city and China HPL has appeared at Viet Nam for 5 years.


2. What is the most different from quality, price and after-sale service between your company and other competitors?


Quality and trade mark of Compact Formica is no1 at Viet Nam, 70% Compact boards of China manufactory is exported to North America. Compact Formica is guaranteed for 10 years and China Compact is guaranteed for 7 years. We only distribute products have trade mark at metropolis and imported with all documents necessary attached.

3.  Can we mix multicolour to become one board and this scarf joint is moisture-proof, waterproof, mold proof, isn’t it?
We can mix multicolour at joint plate and door, no affection to quality of products.
4. How are your guarantee and maintain? How long for each order? How about term of delivery and payment?
We have technician line-up lead worker and send technical documents. With the size of 1220x1830mm, 1530x1830mm and colours of cream, gray is available. Other colors need order, minimum is 15 – 20 boards depend on size. Deliver at buying warehouse, according to the rule: pay all of money when deliver goods.
5. Can we only buy boards without accessory? How much discount of product ?
The customer can buy only board or accessory. The discount will be calculated directly in price and in each year amount of consumption over 1200 tons will be got bonus 3% per that amount.
If the customer pay 40% deposit- receive goods after 30 days, you will receive 7% discount for china goods, 3% for Formica.
6. Does your company have support for us about fitting- technology?
Immediately when design you have been got consultant, we will attach with instruction documents include technology informations.
7. What are applications of toilet partition compare with brick wall?
- It is airy in above and below so floor always is dried.
- No way for mould, germ affect to health.
- Comfortable for labourer and use less cleanser
- When move toilet you can reuse.
- You can increase usable area when no use brick walling.
- You will have modern space, beauty, user sense is raised.
- Noone can stay in toilet too long  to do private work...
8.  Will board’s colors be faded with the time?
The face is covered by Melamine,  Laminate is not  faded with the time, anticorrosion chemical, antibacterial, mildew-proof and ant scratch.
9. Is your quotation special price? Is it agent price or retail price?  If it’s retail price so how much discount for me?  If it’s agent price so how much price I can take quotation, has limit for it?
This Price is agent price at Northland for China Pieces and whole country price for Formica. You shouldn’t sell over more 20% this price.
10. How is phenolic layer?
Phenolic is coenzyme which can not insoluble in water, hot pressing of Phenolic Resin, treated, Kraft paper at  temperature up to 1430psi/150 Celsius and mixed with compounds of adhesion, cover by Laminate to become Compact boards.
11. What is different between Compact and MFC? Why Compact’s price more than MFC?
MFC (Melamine faced chipboard) Laminated chipboards are used in production of furniture. These boards are manufactured from usual chipboard. Both sides of the board are laminated with melamine resin impregnated paper by using a hot press. The laminated surface becomes resistant to moisture and higher temperature. But inside non-water-proof.
12. How is your knowledge about competitors? What is your position of Viet Nam market?
In this market we have many competitors and we always make great effort to become no1 at Viet Nam market. But It is not as important as my customer only pay least fee for our best benefit: My opinions is reputation more important than turnover.
13. Do you supply any documents if I  have require?
We are willing to supply any documents you require:
- Certificate of agent
- Certificate of quality/ Certificate of Origin
- Engineering manual
- Cad drawing, products picture, Catalogue, sample and color table. ..
- The customer can download file at:
- If the customer buy model’products the first, you will pay deposit. It’ll return when you return model or you ordered the third.



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